Advanced GPS technology and an intuitive online dashboard:

  • Vehicle location & health
  • Route status
  • Driver performance
  • School bus specific data and reporting

Complete system only $20 a month per vehicle!

Product Features & Functionality

All the fleet management tools you really need, at a price you really can afford:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Real-time route status updates (idling, etc.)
  • Real-time driver performance alerts (hard breaking, etc.)
  • Preemptive, service alerts (dead batteries, etc.)
  • Preemptive, warranty service alerts
  • Integrates with route planning software
  • School bus specific module for school board and operator needs

Technical Specifications

Ours is the most advanced technical design in the industry.  The rugged, reliable GPS unit is designed to reduce your fleet’s downtime:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Instant alerts via SMS, email, mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Worldwide network compatibility
  • Remote diagnostics, configuration and updates

How It Works

Our online dashboard is intuitive, easy to use, and intended for all computer skill levels. Our dashboard is designed around a “management by exception” philosophy.  Take a look at our short videos to see how easily your staff can find critical fleet information fast.

Video’s Coming Soon

  • Video: Management by exception dashboard
  • Video: Visually tracking fleets
  • Video: Responding to parent calls about late arrivals
  • Video: Responding to parent calls about erratic driving
  • Video: One-step, real-time substitutions
  • Video: Comprehensive search functionality
  • Video: Creating and accessing critical report templates